Questions and answers

      Who is this goal on first page?
It's real goal. It had founded me in Himalayas. I take rest on the rock and he came to me. May be it want to see what I do in its rock. It was very friendly. But it began to chew my new shawl! He made big hole on it! It is real goal!:)

     Is Russian version of this differing from English?
Yes, it is differ, especially page "Stories".
Pages "travels" are very much alike. But unfortunately I know English not fluent so I can't describe all nuances, what I can do in Russian.
Pages "Peoples" are similar.

     Mary, where are you from?
I was born in Kiev, it's capital of Ukraine - country on the east of Europe. I spend most time in this city. From year to year I travel more and more and hope, that so will be in future. But I like my country and I hope that my real home will be here for all life. But I would like to spent few months or even year abroad, just for broadening of one's outlook.

     Mary, have you any dream?
I have a lot of it. Most of it associated with travelling or help and studying. For example I want to find somebody, who need help in vineyards. I want to understand how live people, who made vine, how they make good drinks from grapes, I want to help such persons in work in management etc. For me wine-making is like miracle. And I want very much to see this miracle.